We’re committed to low prices and helping create positive change

Caring about the impact we have on our people, our planet, and our communities, isn’t something new to us. It’s a commitment we live by every day and the good news is, it’s here to stay. Now that’s a good feeling!

Check out our video below to learn more from our team members about our ongoing commitments.

Curious to learn more about how we're creating positive change? Discover more about our commitment to our people, our planet and our community.

5 ways we're helping to create positive change


We’ve been committed to making positive change for over a decade, not just talking about it.


100% of cotton for our own brand clothing, bedding and towels is sourced more sustainably as Better Cotton, organic, or recycled cotton.


Our own brand dolls with Down syndrome encourage inclusion and diversity in our community and help raise funds for Down Syndrome Australia.


Our own brand makeup and skincare is proudly cruelty free, approved under the Leaping Bunny Programme.


Together with The Salvation Army, we’ve helped support families in need in our local communities for over 30 years.


We’re committed to designing our own brand clothing and bedding with more recycled materials.

Related help & FAQ

This means that 100% of the cotton we source for our own brand clothing, bedding and towels, is now ordered as Better Cotton, organic or recycled. To learn more about these programs, please follow the link: Cotton - Kmart

Around 95% of the cotton we use is sourced through the Better Cotton program, with the remaining 5% being organic or recycled. Any percentage of cotton in our clothing, bedding and towels are sourced from cotton sourced more sustainably, and the care label in the product will indicate the material composition of the product.

Recycled polyester is made by recycling materials into new fibres. Kmart mainly uses post-consumer waste in our recycled polyester, from materials such as plastic bottles, but there are small amounts of pre-consumer waste from textile production offcuts that are also used.

Recycled polyester uses materials which have already been made into products and then recycled, this removes the need to undertake the extraction processing required to make conventional polyester and reduces our reliance on fossil fuels.

We aim to make Kmart welcoming for everyone and to ensure our team reflects the communities where we operate. We recognise that this will enable our business to build strong connections with team members and customers and will allow us to innovate and make better business decisions. You can find out more about our commitments to diversity and inclusion by following the link:

The Leaping Bunny is the highest standard for a global approval for cruelty free cosmetics and personal care products. The approval requires
(i) a supplier monitoring system to be implemented by the brand,
(ii) checks for cosmetic animal testing down to and including manufacturer level of the supply chain,
(iii) adherence to a fixed cut-off date and
(iv) regular independent supply chain audits to ensure compliance.

All Kmart owned brand cosmetics & personal care products are now Leaping Bunny approved. You can always check the Cruelty Free International website which lists all the brands that have its Leaping Bunny approval. Follow the link: https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/LeapingBunny

You can support the Wishing Tree Appeal by purchasing a gift (doesn’t have to be Kmart) and placing it under your local Kmart Wishing Tree. You can donate to the appeal by scanning the QR code that will be in-store or by going online and donating through the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal website.

All gifts and donations go directly back to The Salvation Army (Salvos), across Australia and New Zealand. Each store connects with their local Salvos centre, who collect the gifts and invited families in need to come and select gifts.