How to organise your bathroom

It’s time to conquer bathroom clutter with a few simple tips and tricks. From tackling the mountain of beauty products to discovering genius bathroom storage ideas, get ready to transform your bathroom and make your morning routine a breeze!

Destination: declutter!

Kick off your bathroom organisation with a declutter. Freeing up space isn't just about creating room–it's about curating a collection of items that you genuinely love and use. To choose what to keep and what to toss, you may like to ask yourself:

  • Have I used this recently?

  • Is the product expired? Check for expiration dates.

  • Does it still look/smell/feel okay?

  • Do I have duplicates of this product?

  • Does it align with my current skincare/haircare/makeup routine?

  • Can I easily replace this product if I need it in the future?

Clear your countertop

The countertops in your bathroom should be reserved for your most frequently used products. If it’s not in your daily routine, it probably doesn’t belong there! Set aside your less commonly used products–we’ll pack those away later.

You can make use of the vertical space on your countertop witha lazy-susan-style rotating tower. Sort your daily essentials into the clear rotating compartments to keep them within easy reach. These bathroom organisers allow you to effortlessly access what you need with a simple spin, saving valuable countertop real estate and streamlining your morning routine!

Pack away the rest

For those lesser used products that still deserve a home in your bathroom, strategic organisation is key. Consider allocating space in bathroom cupboards, drawers, or storage containers and baskets for these items. Group similar products together, whether it's spare toiletries, specialty skincare, or medication, and use labels to make them easily identifiable. Drawer inserts are perfect for keeping like items together and organised.

Top tip for shared spaces

Assigning each roommate or member of the family their own bathroom storage container is a game-changing strategy for bathroom organisation. It's a win-win–each person knows where their essentials are, reducing morning rush chaos, and maintaining a tidier bathroom for everyone.

Keep it clean

Set aside time to periodically check for and remove expired items and keep track of unused items you may have forgotten about. As your routine changes, shuffle things around to keep your favourites front and centre!