How to organise your pantry

Say goodbye to the pantry mayhem and hello to smooth, stress-free sorting. With the right tips and tricks, you can transform your pantry into a space that's both practical and oh-so-pretty!

Prep your pantry

Kick off your pantry makeover with a deep clean. Pull everything out – packets of pasta, jars of spices, and those random items you forgot you even had lurking in the back. Give each surface a good wipe down. A damp cloth and all-purpose spray will work wonders to banish lingering crumbs and mysterious sticky spots. This is also the perfect opportunity to ditch any expired food.

Sort your food

For the perfect pantry organisation in your home, start by grouping similar items together. Think about categories that make sense for your cooking style; you may like to keep your canned goods in one area, keep spices together, group baking essentials, and create a dedicated space for grains and pasta. Don't forget about snacks and treats which will need their own special spot too! Your finished list may look like:

  • Canned goods

  • Dry goods

  • Spices and seasonings

  • Condiments and sauces

  • Baking essentials

  • Breakfast items

  • Beverages

Stack and save space

Clear food storage containers are perfect for storing dry goods and specialty items. Minimise visual clutter by ditching plastic and cardboard packaging for clear canisters. Choose stackable storage containers with a variety of sizes. Biscuits, pasta and nuts all fit nicely into canisters instead of sitting loosely on the shelf. Use labels or a label maker to clearly label each container and keep track of expiry dates.

Make the most of leftover space

Maximise your storage with organisers for your pantry shelves. Use a round turntable for jars and bottles, making access easy with a simple spin. Create space from thin air by using wire under shelf baskets! They're perfect for stashing smaller items like spice packets, snacks, fruit or veg, keeping them visible and within reach while freeing up valuable shelf space. Break up bulky stacks of cans with a three tier shelf, making it easy to keep track of what you have.

Put everything in its place

As you organise your pantry, consider how often you use each item. Keep the things you reach for frequently with in easy reach and reserve the less commonly used items for the back or higher shelves. Stack up your storage containers with the label facing the front, keeping larger containers at the bottom of the stack. Neatly hook in your under shelf baskets and place your turntable in a central location.

Don’t forget to periodically check for and remove expired goods and give your shelves a good wipe down!